On The Brink

December 1, 2013

Happy Holidays!

Hello everyone! After Thanksgiving, Kathy and I have had some time to think about the 2013 Casino Speedway racing season and things we're thankful for…

We'd like to say thanks to all the workers at Casino Speedway. Without your dedication and loyalty to the sport of racing, Casino Speedway would not be one of the best racing facilities in all of Wissota. We'd like to thank the Casino Speedway race fans. Week in & week out, you turn out to cheer on your favorite drivers and support the sport of racing. Some weeks this past season, I was skeptical of the number of fans that would turn out because of inclement weather. Yet, when I looked up in the stand as the green flag was waving… people were shoulder to shoulder throughout the crowd. There may be better race fans somewhere, but I'm not sure where. We'd like to thank the sponsors of Casino Speedway. I wish my webmaster would let me list you all! This past season our sponsors once again went above and beyond the "call of duty". Simply put…. Without our sponsors, racing at Casino Speedway would not exist. I would like to encourage everyone to support the business who sponsor racing at Casino Speedway. Lastly and definitely not least, I'd like to thank the drivers and their crews who frequent Casino Speedway. The drivers and crews at Casino Speedway are hands down…. The best in the land! The dedication and spirit these young men and women show every week is exhilarating. And most nights the show that they put on is beyond words to describe. Thanks to you all!

Also, a special thanks goes out to the students & instructors from Lake Area Technical Institute. Over the months of October & December, the LATI students, surveying & heavy mechanical , squared and leveled the track. We are hoping that their hard works takes us another step closer to making Casino Speedway into truly the best facility in the Northern Plains.

In closing, Kathy and I would like to wish EVERYONE a Happy & Safe Holiday Season! See ya at the races!
&Kathy B.